Play a prank on your friend using his computer

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November 5, 2008

You might sometimes be annoyed with your brother at home who sticks to the computer all the time browsing the internet. Or if you work at an office, there are times when you want to play a prank with one of your colleagues. Here is a nasty little trick to try down on the people around you.

Sites like hi5, gmail, yahoo, facebook etc. are very popular among the people of every age. I’m sure you also use them every now and then and even your friends do. What if one of your friend types on the address bar and lands on any humor website like You can manipulate some settings on the computer to fool your friends and make him land on any site other than his favorite one.

Go to There you will find a box where you enter the name of the website, you want your victim to send to. Lets take our example site Type in the box and then check the IP. I did this and found that the IP of this site is Then think of a site which your friend uses very often. Ok lets take

So open the Run command and then enter the following:

notepad C:\windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.

If your Windows XP is installed in any directory other than C, then replace C with the name of the directory, D, E or any other.

Then you will see a file opening in notepad. Scroll down to the end of that file and then type in the IP address of that we just discovered ( After that press tab and type

In the next line again enter the IP address, press tab and then type excluding www.


Now save the file and you are done. Open up your browser and go to Now see how you land on page. But the name of the site on the address bar remains intact i.e.

Thus you can make your victim land on any page other than the one he attempts to open. This is just a prank and be careful not to do it in every place. However you can use it positively. If your kids spend lots of time in online gaming, you can stop them to some extent with this trick.

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    There must be different settings for Windows 7.