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Yahoo! Axis – New Generation Plugin/iOS Application for Web Search

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June 12, 2012

Just when we thought Yahoo! was way behind other browser giants like Google and Mozilla, it released Axis,an innovative iOSapplication and plugin for iPad, iPhone, and desktop computers.This new plugin came as a wonderful surprise to most users and has received mostly positive reviews from software analysts since its release. Yahoo! Axis promises a better, smarter, more visual experience when surfing the web.

Yahoo! Axis is an iOS application that provides thumbnail previews of webpages that match your search query. This replaces the usual text-based and hyperlink results you see in most browsers. Axis acts like a browser add-on or application and it can be downloaded using your iPhone, iPad, or computer from the application store or from their website,axis.yahoo.com. It works well with Chrome, Firefox and Safari on your desktop, as well as, with mobile devices like iPhone and iPad.

One of the best features of Axis is the personalization aspect, as it allows users to synchronize bookmarks on their iPhone, iPad, and computer while surfing the net. So, if you want to continue reading a website from your iPad to your iPhone or desktop, you can do so through the Axis portal.All your bookmarks are saved and synced just the way you want with one folder already named by the plugin as Read Later folder. If you want to bookmark a specific website, Axis allows you to add new bookmarks if you have an existing list. You can sort bookmarks by simply holding the bookmark and moving it to any order you want.This feature makes the iOS application more interactive.

The application has a search box where users can type any keyword or web address they want to search. When you enter a keyword in Axis, it immediately shows whatever is trending, as well as, a visual representation of the websites that matched the keyword you want to search. The plugin returns results surprisingly fast and accurate. It makes it easier to know whether a website has what you are looking for because of its thumbnails. Another great new feature of Axis is the tabs. The visual previews appear at the bottom of the page instead of the top. There’s a plus sign on the first tab to indicate that you can create a new tab.

According to several reviews, Yahoo! Axis has achieved better results as an iOS application for your iPad. However, some users have experienced some glitches while using the application on their iPhone and plugin for desktop. The iPhone application returned results that were notably dark and difficult to see, however, its sync feature worked seamlessly.For desktop computers, some users have experienced difficulties getting the plugin to work for Chrome.  However, some reviews state that it worked well with Firefox.

Inthe end, the iOS application is really impressive,especially on iPad, since it introduces a whole new way for browsing the web. However, do not expect the plugin version for desktop computers to impress. Regardless, the Yahoo! Axis’ features such as bookmarks synchronization and thumbnail previews make this a worthy iOS application to download.

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