A photograph of a Turtle resembling the Twitter fail whale

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October 8, 2010

The Twitter Fail Whale, that is employed by Twitter when it is overcapacity is well known to the Twitter community. It is a garphic created by Yiying Lu which shows a whale being held up by a flock of birds in an ocean. Such a scenario isn’t conceivable in the real world but a photograph taken under the sea featuring a frail turtle swimming over a reef and a couple of fishes lurking around it is very similar to the Twitter Fail whale.

An exhibition featuring some great wildlife photographs is kicking off very soon. The pictures feature sea turtle, walruses, coral reefs, polar bears and more. Dailymail has published some of the photos that are to be displayed in the exhibition. Among them, one is a photograph of a turtle hovering over a reef and joined by a school of fishes: yellow tangs, and a solitary lined bristletooth that seem to be pecking the turtle on its body. This picture is so much similar to the Twitter fail whale image.

turtle resembling twiter fail whale The picture was taken in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. See the picture in full size here.

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