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Most useful firefox addons

If you want something more than just regular web browsing from your Firefox browser, you can have desired outputs by using certain Addons for Mozilla firefox. Addons like Scribefire, SeoQuake etc. are some of the most popularly used Addons for Mozilla Firefox.


Some tricks to search efficiently in google

Say you want to find some good Museums in New York City. If you simply type USA Museums you will end up with a result which shows pages matching your query but all the results may not match your exact phrase. But if you search the keyword phrase enclosed within ” ” [“USA Museums”] you will get result of pages containing the exact phrase.

Protect yourself from spams and spammers

Email addresses are usually collected from chat rooms, websites, Trojans and newsletters as well, but one amazing thing is that most of the spams are sent to invalid email addresses. Most spams have links to websites and it is said that 99.68 % of those websites are hosted in only five countries worldwide. So with the exponential increase in the number of spams and spammers it has become imperative that everyone get conscious about keeping themselves miles away from spams.


Google Chrome – A Browser from Google

Google has launched a free, open-source browser which it
claims to be the fastest browser on Earth.
The interface looks simple but doesn’t look dull either. Browsing is a
real fun with google chrome.