How to automatically publish your blog posts to the New Facebook Groups

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November 11, 2010

Facebook launched the New Facebook group a few weeks ago along with the Group chat option. The new Facebook group was a big leap for as it provided a lot of options to control your wall posts, photos and videos. If you are a blogger, you can share your blog posts over a group, the members of which would be interested in your posts. How about automating this task; i.e. sharing any new post on your blog automatically to a group, soon after publishing? With Networked Blogs application for Facebook, you can now automatically publish feed from your site to a Facebook group.

Go to the Networked blogs application page on Facebook. In order to start pulling feeds from your blog, you must first verify the ownership of your blog. You can verify using the code given by Networked blogs that you need to paste somewhere within the HTML code of your blog. You can later remove it once your blog is verified. You’ll also have to provide the RSS feed URL of your posts.

In the Networked blogs application page, visit the “Syndicate” page and you’ll find options for publishing the feeds to a fan page that you administer. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see an option for publishing feeds to a Facebook group. Give it the necessary permissions and finally publish a test post to You need to be an administrator of the group for this feature to work. Being a member simply won’t help. Networked blogs application also lets you automatically publish post updates from your blog to Twitter.

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  • just tried i and its working.  many thanks.

  • Sandy

    So that means there is still no way to post blog articles automatically to alot of facezbook groups!
    Hope there will be a way someday because it takes much time to do it manually.

  • Dennis O’Brien

    A great post with exactly what I Googled for.  Thank you

  • Nice post dear….