Show your Skype online status on your WordPress blog

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November 17, 2010

Skype is rapidly growing with around 560 million registered users. Skype is best known for voice and video calls over the web and many people prefer to use it as a standalone messenger as well. Skype online status is a WordPress plugin that enables you to add a fully customized Skype button to your blog. Well its not just a plain static button; it can display your online status on Skype as well.

Skype online status plugin for WordPress allows you to add one or more Skype buttons through widgets, post quicktags or template tags. They show your online status on Skype. There are a lot of thematic Skype buttons offered by the plugin and you can choose to add them in your post, static pages, category pages etc. If you want to show it on the sidebar of your blog, you’ll find a quicktag button in the sidebar widgets. Besides, skype button can also be added to a post. Whereever you place the quicktag [skype-status] or <!–skype status–> in your post, the skype button appears automatically. Or there’s a simpler way to do it by simply clicking the Skype icon form the post editor tools.
Skype WordPress Plugin
The buttons available in the Skype online status WordPress plugin are mostly the standard ones used by Skype. There are a lot of button types to choose from. You can then set your own status text too. Plus you can also assign the action on pressing the button. You can assign actions like “Call me”, “Add me to Skype”, “Chat with me”, “View My Profile” etc. for a button when a user clicks on it. You can edit these texts as well. You can also add your Skype Affiliate URL.
Skype Plugin Themes
Skype online status wordpress plugin is now available in about 10 languages. So, placing a customized Skype online status button on your blog is easy with this plugin.

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