Post tweets and share media via email

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December 24, 2008

Do you hate logging in to Twitter everytime you post a tweet or a media link? If yes then 2Tweet makes your work easy and all you’ll need to do is to send an email.

post tweets via email 2Tweet is a service from 2Pad that lets you post tweets via email. First you need to register with 2Pad and also provide your Twitter credentials. To update status on Twitter, you’ll need to send an email to the address The first 113 characters of your email’s subject will be posted as the text of the Tweet. Then it will add a link to the images that you send as an attachment. You can type any characters long message in your email’s body. The link appended to the tweet points to the 2pad’s page where people will be able to view your full message and the images that you sent as an email to 2tweet. 2Tweet’s Media Viewer will also display a slideshow of your images and videos.

You can also share or Print your media from the 2Tweet Gallery. The images and videos that you send to post tweets via email are directly saved to the Twitter album in your gallery. 2Pad also has a service which can scan through your email account looking for images or videos and generate a web gallery with them. A Mozilla firefox Addon called Xoopit can also mine images and videos from your Gmail or Yahoo account. But 2Pad is compatible with other kinds of accounts like Hotmail, AOL etc. as well.

So, use 2Tweet to post Tweets via email and also share your images and videos via Twitter.

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